About us
We provide all kinds of parts in many different commodities: mechanical, optical, electrical, chemical, active, packing materials, jigs & fixtures, MROs, etc. 
We can provide the whole supply chain service(sourcing, purchasing, SQE, incoming inspection, logistics, planning, etc.) to new R&D oriented companies in North America, our customers either outsource their whole supply chain to us or ask us to provide some of the above services to them.
In the current global arena, we help our customers remain competitive by choosing the most suitable suppliers that can provide materials at the lowest total cost of ownership to them.
 We can relieve your headache of yearly, quarterly and monthly cost reduction after years of continuous cost reduction. 

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GS1 HK SCM Excellence Summit
Time:2018/12/27 16:50:05

BBS team attended the 14th GS1 HK SCM Excellence Summit.

The summit, consisted of 30 presentation sessions and one leadership panel, over 500 participants from Asia Pacific. It's first supply chain summit that focused on e-commerce serving as a unique platform for pioneering leaders and influences from leading retailers, e-commerce platform, logistics service providers to exchange dynamic discussions and ideas on the latest trend.