Services / Solutions Across Your Product Life Cycle
Align Supply Chain infrastructure with customer demand to positively impact
profitability and increase the desired quality and service level.
New Product Introduction

We agree that around 80% of product costs are determined by key decision made  in the design process.  But many people do not realize how much design  decision can influence the overall supply chain performance for that specific  product in everything from lead times, to delivery cost.

We have assembled a key set of expertise, proven tools and processes to  provide critical inputs and solutions during the initial innovation cycles  that can be implemented in real time with the manufacturing teams. i.e., DFx,  DTC, PPAP and design for Supply Chain

Our Customers can engage our NPI Services at any stage in the development  process for support, consultation, or access to our global resources in a  variety of different technologies to evaluate the overall impact of design  choices on cost, quality, delivery, serviceability and scalability.