Services / Solutions Across Your Product Life Cycle
Align Supply Chain infrastructure with customer demand to positively impact
profitability and increase the desired quality and service level.
Quality Assurance/Control
Order management

Working partners overseas can be difficult and time consuming.  BBS can provide you with quotes from our qualified partner Suppliers in various region.

We identify and select the right partner with the lowest delivered cost.  We have a Global Manufacturing Network that are eager to provide quotes and bid on your project.  We handle all communication with the factories overseas to make sure your requirements are communicated;  compliance parts and on track and work through any issues that arise.

Send us your PDF drawings and STP files to get starte·d. We will remove all identifying information from your PDF drawings to protect your IP.

On-Site Audit / Inspection

We have Certified Quality Engineering and Auditor (ASQ) that can be on-site to perform  independent inspection – verify your product specifications, quality, functionality and  performance requirements have been met.

We can perform on-site Audit – reference to ISO9001- 2015

We can develop a Supplier Quality Control Plan for your part / product – This SQC can be   carried out at any stage of the production process.

Processes for supplier and part qualification
Supplier qualification

is the process by which external suppliers are assessed to ensure the supply of products or services to sufficient quality.

The qualification process requires that all BBS’s Global Supplier Partners are:

When new Supplier identified, its ability/capability to meet BBS requirements-i.e.ISO 9001 Quality System
Supplier meet the required quality standard should be approved and added to Approved Supplier List(ASL)
Approved Supplier must be continuously monitored of their performance through ongoing audits and assessment of supply history(TQRDC)
01.Supplier Selection
02.Supplier Audits
03.Supplier Development
04.Supplier Approval
Part qualification

is the process required that the first representative parts utilizing production processes are capable of yielding parts in compliance with the respective Engineering drawing and specifications.

The defined requirements may include one or more qualification elements:

· First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)

· Process Control Plan (PCA)

· Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

· Quality Control Plan (QCP)

· Cpk Analysis

01.Supplier Selection
02.Supplier Audits
03.Supplier Development
04.Supplier Approval
Supplier relationship management - SRM

Supplier relationship management (SRM) is the systematic approach to evaluating vendors that supply goods, materials and services to an organization, determining each supplier's contribution to success and developing strategies to improve their performance.

The SRM discipline helps to determine the value each supplier provides, and which ones are most critical to business continuity and performance. It also enables BBS to cultivate better relationships with suppliers based on each supplier's importance.

At BBS, we use the TQRDC model for Supplier Relationship Management to drive / accelerate our Supplier Performance .

Successful Program Execution requires an integrated supply chain network with all suppliers focused on Performance Excellence :
Technology - Innovation & Creativity
Quality - Products and Services
On-time Delivery
Cost Reduction and Continuous Improvement

High performed, Integrated supply network provide us ability to respond quickly, efficiently, effectively,

and accurately across the entire supply chain process