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AI Implementation – Poultry Farming

The system leverages house data to ensure that farm performance is continuously tuned in response to actual broiler weight and other parameters in real-time. The system is much more effective in predicting and detecting hidden anomalies to trigger human intervention at an early stage to ensure peak farm efficiency. It also helps optimize the overall poultry value chain, such as the harvesting plan, Hatchery plan, and DOC placement schedule, etc.

Our service:

Co-work with the international AI team customizing the AI Poultry Farming system

Promote the customized AI Poultry Farming system to the targeted Foodstuff Group in China

Find local sources to make the hardware of the system

Install and maintain the AI system in the bird houses

Our value:

Introduce the advanced AI Poultry Farming system into China

Help farmers save labor cost

Increase poultry farming efficiency