Successful Case
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Optimize / Accelerate Supply Chain - Medical Devices

Customer A is a R&D company in Silicon Valley in US,several scientists in US developed a software for body temperature monitoring. The software transfer data to cloud server via wearable hardware. After analyzing data by expert advisory team,a customized solution for body temperature monitoring was provided.

Our service:

We started working with the customer from the concept design of a wearable medical device, we got early involved from product design, DFM to supplier sourcing, tooling building, price negotiation, sample build and qualification, quality assurance, logistic arrangement, etc.  

Our value:

Helped customer realize from concept to product;   

Reduce cycle time of product design;       

Save operation cost of supply chain and decrease the purchasing cost            

Customer could focus more on R&D and market. We managed the whole supply chain for them so they were not distracted by operation issues.